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February 2017

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By Leigh Crick, SHRM-CP

Share the Love!

One of the things I am extremely passionate about is employee engagement, whether it is through recognition or an awesome work environment in today’s market, it is extremely critical to make sure your employees are feeling the love. According to this month’s SHRM Magazine article “Not Feeling the Love?”, most HR professionals agree that their company’s recognition practices had a positive effect not only on retention but also on engagement, culture, and overall employee happiness. Here are 5 ideas to motivate and engage your workforce.

  1. Recognize your employees for a job well done. It may seem obvious, but a lot of managers do not see the value of recognizing people for doing their jobs. Recognition is tremendously important to building trust, rapport and an emotional connection with your employees. So grab that Starbucks gift card and tell your employees Thanks a Latte for doing a great job!
  2. Give your employees autonomy. Human beings value autonomy and how many times have you heard someone say, “I hate when my boss micromanages me!” When you give employees autonomy to do their job, this demonstrates that you trust your team. According to Daniel Pink’s book Drive, autonomous motivation is proven to promote greater conceptual understanding, enhances persistence, generates higher productivity, less burnout, and greater levels of psychological well-being.
  3. Intrinsic reward NOT Extrinsic rewards. Show me the money… but really?!? According to a study conducted by Princeton economist, Angus Deaton money doesn’t contribute to our overall happiness above $75,000. Income beyond this threshold doesn’t impact our day-to-day contentment and therefore isn’t a great motivator. So if money doesn’t motivate what does? Try focusing on your company’s mission, vision, and core values that express why the company exists. Ingrain these in your culture. At American Eagle, our tagline was Live Your Life, Love your Job. By focusing on intrinsic motivation, you are more likely to get the motivation that lasts.
  4. Offer a path for advancement. Employees want to know that they are not stuck in a dead-end job and are motivated by moving forward. Employers that can provide a pathway or a growth plan for an employee’s career are more likely to retain their employees. This doesn’t mean that employees shouldn’t own their development, they totally should, but if you have not communicated or made the path clear for employees, they will become frustrated and move on to a different organization that can provide the growth opportunities.
  5. Why???? Simon Sinek famously pointed out, the what and the how are easy for most companies to identify, but it is the why that’s hard. Employees need to know why, so take the time to explain the reasons behind your directions and decisions. Of course at times employees shouldn’t be privy to the decision process but by providing context, it will create a much higher “buy-in” from your employees.

Employee motivation isn’t cookie cutter, and we all have different drivers that motivate us. Bottom line is to take the time to learn more about your employees and what motivates them to be actively engaged in your organization. Take the time this month to Share the Love and show your employees that you appreciate their dedication to your organization.


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Wednesday, February 8 -- IndySHRM North Meeting at Indiana Wesleyan. (breakfast meeting) More Information Here

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Storytellers, Googlers, Innovators and Bosses!

By Lisa Zangari, Director of Learning, Leadership Louisville Center

The past six months of Leadership Louisville Center’s professional development offering – the Leadership Green Room – featured a diverse line-up of courses designed to help individuals discover their power to make a positive difference as leaders. Participants learned how to tell engaging stories, be their most creative, apply mindfulness at work, have tough conversations and ‘lead like bosses’. Here are some of my favorite take-aways… Read More...

2nd Annual IndySHRM Student Conference hosted by IndySHRM

Sunday, February 12 from 9:00 am - 2:30 pm at IUPUI in Hine Hall. Professionals and students are encouraged to attend this free event (breakfast and lunch included) to network and hear from some great speakers! Keynote speakers will include Katie Smith, Founder of Careerable, and Nicole MacLean, Events and Campaign Manager at Emplify. We are looking for professionals to attend to talk informally to students about their careers in a variety of topics, such as total rewards, talent acquisition, employee relations, strategy, and more. Please contact Emily Betz with any questions (emilyrbetz@gmail.com) and RSVP online https://indyshrm.formstack.com

Welcome HRPDA Members

A very warm welcome goes out to HRPDA members. As a result of IndySHRM and HRPDA coming together, there is now one Indianapolis/Central Indiana SHRM chapter as of January 1, 2017. IndySHRM now consists of: IndySHRM North (formerly HRPDA), IndySHRM South, and IndySHRM Central. IndySHRM members can attend programs at any of these locations.

Welcome New Members

Stephen Hewitt
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The next orientation will occur March 16th at 10:30am.
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For additional membership information, contact membership@indyshrm.org

Member Spotlight – Lisa Helms

Lisa Helms has over 20 years in Human Resource Management with a focus on Talent Acquisition. Over the past few years, Lisa has held the roles of global recruiting manager with ExactTarget Marketing Cloud (acquired by Salesforce) and account director of enterprise accounts with Jobvite. Lisa recently joined WorkHere, the first work-life social network designed to connect local employers and workers. Lisa is the administrator for the fast growing and popular Indianapolis HR Professionals Facebook page. Lisa is passionate about building an engaging experience in today's highly competitive candidate market, creating efficient hiring processes and the optimization of recruiting technology. Lisa currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. Read More...

Certification News
Jennifer Lange, SHRM-CP, PHR, Director of Certification

Resolve to Recertify Your SHRM Certification in 2017

Many of us technically don’t have to recertify our SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP certification until 2018, but why wait – do it in 2017! If you have (or will have) the 60 PDCs to recertify in 2017 – please RECERTIFY early! You can learn more about SHRM Recertification at: https://www.shrm.org/certification/


SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition Scholarship Opportunity!

The SHRM Foundation will be awarding eight scholarships to attend the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition in New Orleans, LA, June 18-21, 2017.
• Five scholarships-one to a professional member in each of SHRM's five domestic regions
• One scholarship to a professional who has done significant paid and/or volunteer work on hiring, retaining and engaging military veterans or mature workers age 50+ (primary areas of focus for the SHRM Foundation in 2017)
• One scholarship to a SHRM student member
• One Northwest Human Resource Management Association scholarship to a student member from Washington, Oregon or Alaska. Read More...

Kathy Marra, HR professor at Marian University, is looking for volunteers to help her students!

1) 2-3 professionals who specialize in talent acquisition / recruiting to be a panelist to speak to my new senior career search and professional development class. These students are graduating in May 2017;
2) Mock interviewers for face-to-face interviews for sophomores targeted for an internship interview from March 27-April 19, 2017;
3) Professionals willing to present to the student SHRM group at a meeting on total rewards, legal issues, employee engagement, or any other HR topic they prefer.
Please email Kathy at kmarra@marian.edu to volunteer.

The Workforce Readiness Committee is looking for volunteers to help out at Downtown Indianapolis Dress for Success Lunch and Learn Events. We need volunteers for the following dates:

Topic-Resumes that Open Doors
2/8 3/29 5/17 7/6 8/23 10/11

Topic-Phone Interviews
2/21 4/11 5/30 7/18 9/5 10/21

If you are interest in helping out with any of these events or would like more info, please contact Bill Dykstra @ workforcereadiness@indyshrm.org.